What's Inside This Issue

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Comfy Cabin

Tucked in between the woods and the water.

Winter Wishes For My Garden

Tending, mending and loving.

Colors Of The Season

The colors that my heart wants right now.

Evergreen Tree Love

In the forest behind our cabin.

The Happy Hibernator

Being restful and easy with winter.

Hello From Lynndee

The Beautiful Life Journal is based on my personal journals and my personal journey. It’s about exploring a positive emotional connection to home and nature and art and living. In a way this is about my artists life, the approach I take with things, how I use my senses. This journal is my ode, it’s me documenting my deepest appreciation of all the beauty and wonder I experience.

Everything in the Beautiful Life Journal was created by me. All the photos, artwork, writing and design. Of course this is not the whole of my experiences or ideas about life, but I wanted a place to put the good stuff, and that’s what this is.

It’s been a dream to make something like this for a long time and I’m finally giving myself a chance to do it. I’m happy to be creating this journal and to share it with you, and I hope you might find something here that brings you happiness too.