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Living here on the edge of a forest, there is a strong feeling of tree magic. 

It’s winter now and I can hear the quiet message of the evergreen trees on my daily walks – the firs, hemlocks and cedars.  I brush my fingers through their needles and feel the craggy bark under my hands.  These trees are wonderful healers and helpers and when I touch them I’m instantly connected to their wonderful energy.

As things are laid bare in the winter landscape their perpetual green is a reminder that the season will turn again, that the cycle will continue.  They show me the secrets of life on these dark days, and I hold them close in the cold.

There is a favorite tree friend of mine, a beautiful fir who lives right next to a favorite path.  Some days I stop and lean my back against it’s solidness and it kindly holds me for a few minutes, and I can feel my thoughts slip away to the ground.  And I am grateful.