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Artist On The Beach
Come relax and get your Pacific Northwest beach vibe on. You’ll find a mix of Lynndee’s artwork, rustic beach style, and stories about living in a little cabin on the beach.

Comfy Cabin

Our little cabin is tucked in between the woods and the beach. It’s rustic here. There’s a quarter mile walk each way to the car and the mailbox. It’s necessary that this place be a bit on the rugged side because we tend to get sandy and wet a lot, and dirty from working outside. I’ve really tried to make an easy, peaceful place to live. The decor is mostly natural and neutral and light filled. It’s a small place, so I try to keep things fairly simple. I think it’s important that this place I live in feels good and fits, and this small cabin with its quirks and homemade vibe, it does feel pretty much right.

Hello & Welcome From Lynndee

This website was created with the intention that everything feels deeply calm and relaxing. I hope you’ll think of this as a place to take a break, to take a deep easy breath.

There is a forest path here for you to wander, there’re comfy days of puttering around the cabin or a lovely beach where you can be quiet and just watch the waves. You don’t have to talk to anyone here, there’s no one to ask for your attention. This is a time for you to just be.  This is a calm place, an easy place, a place of peace.

Everything on the pages of This Beautiful Life was created by me – Lynndee LeBeau.  All the photos, artwork, writing, videos and design.  Even though this is a virtual space, it’s okay because your heart will know that it’s the feelings that matter.