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The sea came looking for me in all my dreams.
She called to my heart until I came to live beside her.

I walk along the edge of the water, the curve of the path between the firs stretches ahead of me, the smell of salty sea and warm forest and beach roses in the air.

This is a simple life of sand and water and trees and sky.

So many dreams I had for a life like this, and for so long. A place by the water and the woods. Home. Now this is home.

This quirky cabin on the beach has my heart now. It’s been 20 years here and more to go yet, I think. This imperfect, homemade place suits me. Here, I’ve been able to let my creative heart be free in the most lovely way.

To have been able to become so intimate with the woods and the water, to have succeeded in opening my heart and letting this place weave it’s magic through me. I’m a better person for having lived in the cove. I’ll take all this love with me wherever I go now.

For now, my heart lives here.