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Like a meditation.
It dawned on me one morning when I was writing a poem, that reading it back to myself gave me a similar feeling as doing a meditation would. My mind was calmer and I felt relaxed and connected. Maybe it was the rhythmic words, maybe it was the way the words are arranged that was naturally leading the more intuitive part of me to be present.

Because the writing’s not so straight forward in poetry, logic can be suspended. Poetry is about atmosphere and feeling, and in a way it’s about reading between the words, and letting go of that logic.

Reading poetry has become another way to access the deeper knowing parts of me, and it makes me feel peaceful and calm and aware in a better way than I usually am, very much like meditation does. And it seems like at times it’s just easier to read a poem, because it’s more accessible to pick up a book for a minute when I need a break during the day.

I’m still doing meditation and breath work, and walking and all the things, but I’ve added reading poetry in there too, because why not? It’s a beautiful, easy way to bring myself into a calmer state of being.

Scroll down and read a poem, and see how you feel. I hope this brings you some joy today.


Coming back home now.

Realizing the water,

taking the sky,

and the heart flying over the woods.

The Book Is Here
If nature could speak, her language would be “Water, Woods and Sky”.
~ Lee Debra Gelb

copyright Lynndee LeBeau 2022 all rights reserved