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Hello and welcome! I’m Lynndee

All my life I’ve loved flowers and plants. And I’m the type of person that’s always trying to bring the outside inside the house. You can probably relate to this, and I bet that’s what led you to my art, this love of nature that we share. And especially the love of flowers.

Right now I’m in the midst of creating a new art collection, and it’s all about celebrating the love of flowers. I’m calling it the Flower Lover collection. It’s all about the l feelings we get from flowers, and about feeding our souls with their beauty. It’s full of vibrant colors that are perfect if you’re trying to create a happier vibe in your space.

A bit about the art.

Each artwork is created in my studio by the sea. Here’s a bit about the process:
Artwork starts with my taking photographs. Capturing what speaks to me with the camera first, and then translating those images into digital artworks. What starts out as a photo, ends up a colorful piece of artwork.

I’m so happy you stopped by! If you have any questions or need something, please feel free to contact me.

xo – Lynndee