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Hello and welcome, I’m Lynndee.

I’m a digital artist and I’m probably best known for my colorful flower and plant illustrations. I live on a small island in Puget Sound, and I’m inspired by daily walks around my neighborhood. I love capturing the little details of the plants, flowers, trees and animals I find on my daily rambles.

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Are you were wondering how I make my art?  Since I’m a digital artist, everything is created on a computer using digital tools and a software called Corel Painter.  Artwork starts with taking photographs, capturing what speaks to me with the camera first, and then working a little magic on the computer. What starts out as a photo, ends up a colorful piece of artwork.


I’ve been illustrating for nearly 35 years, but that’s not my only creative outlet. I also love home decorating. In fact my latest project, Art Prints For The Flower Lover, is the perfect mix of both a passion for making art and a love of home decor.  And I have a feeling you’re going to love it.


Thank you so much for stopping by!


xo – Lynndee