Hi, I’m Lynndee.

I never know what to say here. I hope you don’t really want to know about my achievements as an artist and designer, or how I make my art, because I feel like that part of me is so boring, and I’d rather tell you the fun interesting bits about me. So here goes:

I love being by myself, taking naps and reading. One of my highest achievements in this life will be learning how to take care of myself and love myself unconditionally, and I’m still not very good at this, but I’m trying. I’m insecure a lot and I change my mind all the time. Digital tools are my favorite for making art. I don’t care that much about spelling things right. My biggest goal is to take a walk in nature every morning. I will pull over the car to watch the moon rise. I live in a little cabin on the beach, tucked between the water and the woods. I have tree friends. I love my husband, my mom and my family and my cat. They all love me back and I’m so grateful. I sometimes take an hour to arrange flowers. This is pretty random stuff about me, but that’s okay. I love you for reading this! Thank you for being here. Oh and my favorite food is pie.