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My great grandma believed that the trees talked to her .

That’s what my mom told me one afternoon when we were chatting about things. Having spent some time with Grandma Wagster myself when I was growing up, I can absolutely believe that the trees had messages for her. I’ve often wondered what the trees had to say to her. As I deepened my own connection to nature and I learned to stand still and observe, I realized that the trees don’t communicate in words, but they have a different way of speaking to us. They communicate by just being there. They show us their cycle of living, season by season. They talk to us through our intuition and our deepest knowing, and if we access this part of us that knows we are all part of the same natural world, we can hear a message. For me personally the message has been a deep feeling of peace and connectedness. I’m not exactly sure when I started making friends with trees. Probably out on my daily walks. Over the years I developed the habit of visiting various trees to see how they were doing, and now my husband Marc and I often make it a special date to go visiting the trees in our neighborhood. This simple act keeps us connected to each other and to nature too. I’m sure Grandma Wagster would have loved the idea of my visiting tree friends. And I can see that when she told my mom that the trees talked to her, she was trying in her own way to speak to my mom’s young spirit, to show her how wonderful the world can be if we choose to listen and believe in tree magic.